At one time tagged as the hardest working bass player in America, Chuck Rainey’s bass playing on successful television shows, motion pictures and recordings illustrate his well-known and legendary style, feel and concept for the instrument and it’s role in organized music. His unique bass lines accent numerous commercials and are an integral part of today’s music across many music viewing and listening fronts.

Born in Cleveland, Ohio as Charles Walter Rainey III, Chuck boasts a native ‘son ship’ of Youngstown, Ohio, where he was actually raised and educated. Originally trained in the classics as a trumpet player by C.F. Brown, James Ramsey and John Busch, Chuck switched to Baritone Horn while attending Lane college in Jackson, Tennessee and was an intricate part of the schools well known and traveled ‘brass ensemble’ in the early 60’s.


Born in South America (Chile) begun playing bass at 22 years old. Now is considered by the most prestigious critics as an ambassador of the authentic South American bass culture and one of the world’s most innovative, respected, influential & virtuoso bassists, granting him as being a “Pioneer of the 8-String Bass” (since 1999) & “One of the absolute Masters on the Extended Range Basses field”. Well known for not using any knobs or effect/volume pedals, relying only on his hands for all the sound variations. Created the Mic Ramp & The Revolutionary VST right hand technique. Has performed solo concerts and Master Classes in Germany, UK, USA, Italy, Poland, Spain, Canada, Costa Rica, Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Bolivia, Chile & more, including Concert & Master Classes at the world’s most prestigious music schools as University of British Columbia, Berklee College of Music, Uniwerzytet Warminsko-Mazurski, and The New York Collective. On 2011 was the 1st South American bassist to be featured at the Bass Player Live (US biggest), playing at the famous BPL All-Star Jam with the bassists for The Rolling Stones, Megadeth, Metallica, Chic Corea, Earth Wind & Fire. On 2013 was also the 1st South American bassist to be featured at The London Bass Guitar Show (Europe’s biggest) playing live & sharing the credits with the bassists for Stevie Wonder, Pink Floyd & New Order.

Early in his life Eddie Kohen started listening to players like Ron Carter, Ray Brown and Jimmy Garrison. He fell in love with the sound of the upright bass and all of the jazz legends. That was the start of Eddie’s career as a musician.

The first bass he ever owned was a 1975 Fender Fretless P-Bass. He was so dedicated to the craft that he went on to attend the Berklee College of Music.

Eddie has played in many bands over the years and admits to having a lot of good times with all of them but his favorite musical projects were with Mikhal Caldwell, a prolific fusion guitarist and his best friend.

He has studied Jazz in depth but works with all other styles that he has picked up by “listening”. He has had a lot of players that have had an influence on him but a few that come to his mind are Miles Davis, Bill Evans, Stanley Clark, Jaco, and John McLaughlin.

Eddie is also a solo artist and has recently released his first solo album entitled “Pulp Fusion”. He is a composer and also plays guitar. His goal as a musician is “to always keep improving”.

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