Lester J. Collor, JrLester J. Collie, Jr
The president and CEO of the Detroit Bass Fest is a graduate of the specs howard school of broadcast arts and was a radio engineer for am 1440 WMKM, am 1200 WCHB (Bell Broadcasting) and the Detroit Broadcasting Systems Network doing the Larry "Doc" Elliott show and "Nightmoves" with Myke Julius. Lester has also produced talk shows, The Morning Show, with Robin Hardin, The Tom Pope Show, The John Arnold show and "Nightalk" with Bob Law and co-hosted "The 1500 Magazine Talk Show" with Harold Sullivan.
Lester is a former videograhper for the Detroit City Council and has served as the sr policy anylist for the Institute for Public Policy and Educational Affairs (IPPEA) and the third vice president of People Reinvesting in Detroits Enterprises (PRIDE).
The Detroit Bass Fest is a Motown area celebration of an often overlooked instrument in the world of music: the electric bass (as well as it's "Parent" instrument the bass violin). The festival will include performances and workshops by bassists and their groups that will not only emphasize the entertainment value of the instrument but also education in areas of live performance, theory, technique and the overall potential of this great instrument. The audience will be encouraged to interact with performers as well as other audience members to make this a real down-to-earth and community event.

Because of cutbacks to music programs, many times events like the Detroit Bass Fest are not available to the youth, the Detroit Bass Fest is dedicated to using music as a catalyst to the education of students who have been traditionally under-served by the public schools, under-represented in higher education and deprived of opportunities that could enable them to realize rich and productive lives.

Special attention will be given to the youths who attend this event in making sure they get an up close and personal experience resulting in growth within themselves and a more well-rounded individual.
Yours truly,
Lester J Collie Jr.
President & CEO
Detroit Bass Fest
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